Top 5 Best Dallas Texas Suburbs

When considering relocating to the Dallas area, the northern suburbs present an attractive offer for those wanting to balance urban accessibility with suburban charm. With over a twenty years of experience in real estate, I’ve seen the northern Dallas region attract people with its unique blend of small-town ambiance and urban conveniences. Affordability, safety, quality schooling, and plentiful employment opportunities define this area, catering well to both single professionals and families alike.

As for housing, the area is abound with options, from established neighborhoods with character to new developments equipped with modern amenities. Natural beauty accentuates the locale, with abundant parks and mature trees lining the streets, contributing to a serene lifestyle. The growth in the north side of these suburbs is noteworthy, providing a spectrum of living spaces to meet diverse preferences and needs. Whether you’re drawn to the bustling downtowns, the family-friendly events, or the community-centric activities, this area north of Dallas promises a well-rounded living experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Northern Dallas suburbs blend small-town charm with city amenities.
  • Housing options range from historic homes to new developments.
  • The area is known for excellent schools, safety, and job opportunities.

My Personal Top Five Picks for Cities Just North of Dallas

McKinney, nestled around 30 miles to the north of Dallas and situated in Collin County, claims the title of the county seat. Its bustling downtown invites both shopping and nightlife enthusiasts, and it’s marked by its charming small-town character. The streets are adorned with mature trees, encapsulating the essence of nature, and the city boasts a plethora of parks and open spaces. I find that McKinney’s residential opportunities are expanding, especially on the northern side where you can pick from well-established communities or brand-new developments. The job market here is solid, with substantial employers such as Raytheon and Globe Life, which contributes to a congenial work-life balance within the city’s bounds. The local school system also receives high marks for quality education.

Moving on, Frisco is another excellent pick, equidistant from Dallas. This city exudes a modern upscale atmosphere and is rich with sophisticated dining and retail experiences. It’s a paradise for sports enthusiasts with multiple teams representing the city: the Frisco RoughRiders in baseball, FC Dallas in soccer, and the Dallas Rattlers in lacrosse, among others. Frisco’s homes mirror its trendy flair and, while pricier than some neighbors, are affordable relative to many out-of-state markets. The city also boasts a commendable school district.

Prosper is a mere stone’s throw beyond Frisco and is a testament to thoughtful community development. Currently, it’s a canvas of bustling residential construction, with retail spaces racing to meet the demand. Prosper is synonymous with safety, excellent academic institutions, and a palpable small-town ambiance. It lies within a practical commuting radius of about 36 miles from downtown Dallas.

A little further out, at approximately 50 miles from Dallas, is Celina. It’s a gem with a slightly more rural atmosphere and a burgeoning growth profile. Its downtown is a cultural draw even for visitors, offering an array of shops and eateries. Celina hosts family-oriented events such as the famous Cajun Fest and features attractive developments like Light Farms, a unique residential community that encapsulates a true neighborhood spirit with its own schools, amenities, and even a beach.

My list concludes with Melissa, situated about 40 miles from Dallas. This town is garnering attention for both its excellent educational reputation and its community-driven spirit, particularly evident in local youth sports. Affordability is a standout feature here; your dollar stretches further, allowing for more spacious living options. Melissa offers a semi-rural charm that is increasingly appealing to those relocating from more congested locales.

Each of these cities brings its unique advantages and flair to the table, substantiating their status on my top five list for anyone looking to make a home north of Dallas.


McKinney TX water tower

As a Broker and Realtor serving the Dallas area with Astra Realty, I often guide clients looking for a blend

of urban proximity and small-town charm. Moving to McKinney, TX, I’ve found, is an appealing option for many. This city lies just about 30 miles north of Dallas in Collin County and serves as the county hub. Thanks to this, McKinney boasts a lively and accessible downtown area that provides a delightful scene for both shopping and evening entertainment.

McKinney prides itself on its slogan, “Unique by Nature,” which is truly embodied by the landscape. Mature trees line the streets and plentiful parks provide open spaces for residents to enjoy. This city captures the essence of a picturesque community with its distinct vibe, standing out from neighboring areas. The growth in McKinney is mainly concentrated on the north side, offering a diverse range of housing options, from well-established neighborhoods to brand new developments.

Working and living in McKinney is made advantageous by the presence of significant employers such as Raytheon, Globe Life, Encore Wire, and Traxxas. This employment opportunity, coupled with the area’s cost of living, makes it a feasible option for those looking to avoid long commutes.

When it comes to education, McKinney’s school district is routinely praised for its excellent performance and is a key factor for families considering relocation. As the number one choice on my personal favorites list of cities near Dallas, McKinney illustrates my confidence in its suitability for residents who value community atmosphere, accessibility, and all-encompassing amenities right outside Dallas. You can discover more about the opportunities for a night out in McKinney by exploring the Downtown McKinney Guide.

McKinney’s allure as a home base is grounded not just in its amenities and employment opportunities, but it’s also in the very fabric of its community and the lifestyle it offers – a rare balance that has earned it its esteemed reputation.


I find Frisco to be an exceptional city, situated roughly 30 miles north of Dallas. It’s not only a city that boasts impressive comforts and amenities but also touts a highly regarded school district, making it a coveted place for family living.

The city exudes an upscale, trendy atmosphere, marked by a variety of fine-dining establishments and shopping venues. For those with an affinity for sports, Frisco presents itself as an unparalleled hub. The city is the proud home of the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters, known as The Star. Fans of minor league baseball can enjoy games hosted by the Frisco RoughRiders. Soccer enthusiasts have Major League Soccer’s FC Dallas to cheer for, while basketball followers can watch the Texas Legends, affiliated with the Dallas Mavericks, in action. Additionally, lacrosse fans can support the Dallas Rattlers, and hockey supporters can visit the practice venue for the Dallas Stars in Frisco.

Reflecting on my personal experience and what I’ve witnessed, the variety of sports, dining, shopping, and entertainment available in Frisco sets it apart from neighboring cities, ensuring a vibrant community life with numerous activities for families.

With regard to the housing market, the homes in Frisco lean towards the more expensive side compared to other nearby cities, yet they remain accessible, particularly for those relocating from states with higher living costs. The balance of a small-town ambiance combined with the luxury of upscale amenities is striking, and I’ve seen how this combination contributes to the high demand for residency in Frisco.

In terms of the city’s popularity and my perspective on whether Frisco is a good place to live, I attribute its allure to the dynamic mix of suburban tranquility, modern amenities, and the community’s focus on sports and education. It’s clear that the city’s attributes align well with those seeking a high quality of life with diverse recreational opportunities. For further details on government operations and Frisco’s City Hall, you can explore Frisco, TX. My experience aligns with the city’s dedication to fostering a community where people can live comfortably, be entertained, and thrive.

Exploring Prosper

My affinity for Prosper, Texas continues to grow as I witness its development firsthand. Currently in the early expansion stages, this town exudes a welcoming small-town ambiance that resonates deeply with residents and visitors alike. The quaint community feel of Prosper is palpable, yet it’s accompanied by an impressive array of new homes rising up each day, catering to a surge of interest from newcomers.

The educational framework here is robust, with Prosper ISD being well-regarded and a foundational pillar of the area’s allure. These quality institutions play a pivotal role in why families are establishing roots in Prosper. The town’s focus on academic excellence is evident, and it creates an environment where young minds are nurtured and prepared for bright futures.

Safety is another cornerstone of Prosper, contributing to its reputation as one of the most secure places to settle down within the Dallas proximity. This peace of mind is invaluable, especially for those of us with growing families or seeking a serene lifestyle. With approximately 36 miles separating us from the hustle of downtown Dallas, residing in Prosper offers a respite from the city’s bustle while maintaining reasonable access for commuters.

Looking ahead, Prosper is poised for continued growth. Retail spaces and shopping venues are quickly catching up with residential development, promising a balanced expansion that supports both the needs and desires of the community. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this thriving locale, and I take pride in being able to work within a region brimming with potential.

Ultimately, the prevailing reasons for relocating to Prosper revolve around its small-town charm, the excellence of its schools, and its overarching sense of security. These qualities lay a solid foundation for a town on the cusp of substantial transformation, yet determined to preserve its intimate community spirit. As I observe the landscape of Prosper evolve, my conviction in its future – as a place that harmoniously blends tradition with progress – continues to solidify.


I’d like to share some insights about Celina, a city experiencing rapid growth and situated roughly 50 miles north of Dallas. The acceleration in growth can be attributed to the area’s rural charm with a rising number of residential developments, such as the unique Light Farms community. This development exemplifies a self-contained neighborhood with a collection of amenities like schools, community centers, and recreational facilities that encourage a vibrant community life.

Celina’s Main Attractions:

  • Downtown Area: A hub for social activity, it lures visitors from nearby cities with its variety of shops and restaurants.
  • Family Events: Notable for the popular Cajun Fest, attracting families for its lively entertainment.
  • Residential Areas: Light Farms stands out with features like campgrounds, sandy beaches, and dog parks.

Reasons for Celina’s Popularity Among Families:

  • Community Vibe: Emphasis on building a place where neighbors interact and form close bonds.
  • Safety: Recognized for being a secure place to reside, making it an appealing choice for raising families.
  • Education: The focus on quality education is evident, which aligns with the needs of family-oriented individuals.

Why Consider Celina:

  • Rural Atmosphere: Offers a slightly rural lifestyle, providing a different pace from the urban tedium.
  • Proximity to Work: Ideal for those employed north of Dallas, as it ensures a manageable commute.
  • Housing: The housing market provides opportunities to invest in either established homes or new constructions, adapting to different preferences and stages of life.

In conclusion, the family-centered events and the safe, community-oriented environment of Celina make it a compelling option for families looking to balance rural serenity with the convenience of suburban living.


As a Realtor in the Dallas area, I often recommend Melissa, TX to potential homebuyers looking for excellent value. Located approximately 40 miles north of Dallas, Melissa is known for its high-ranking schools, contributing to its reputation as a desirable place to call home. Melissa Schools exemplify the quality education offered here, and you can sense the community pride at their athletic events, especially when supporting the Melissa Cardinals.

In terms of growth, Melissa is currently in an exciting phase with an influx of newcomers attracted by the area’s affordability. This quaint town offers a more rural atmosphere, providing a welcome change for individuals relocating from other states. Real estate here allows buyers to obtain more home for their money compared to prices in cities closer to Dallas, proving to be a significant draw.

Living in Melissa, you’ll discover a strong sense of community, particularly evident in youth sports and local events, fostering a tight-knit environment for families. Stickers boasting the Melissa Cardinals are a common sight, reflecting an overarching spirit of civic pride. While it might feel like a cozy country town, Melissa delivers in terms of modern amenities too, with a variety of options for sports involvement and recreational activities.

Summing Up My Picks for Outstanding Dallas Suburbs

As a real estate expert based in the Dallas area, specifically McKinney, I’ve explored numerous communities for those considering a move to this vibrant location. While city living has its perks, the suburbs to the north of Dallas offer a unique blend of lifestyle, amenities, and value that are sure to appeal to newcomers and locals alike. Here’s my rundown of five exceptional suburbs to consider.

McKinney stands out with its lush, tree-lined streets and parks, coupled with a charming downtown that serves as a hub for both employment and recreation. This community balances small-town charm with modern amenities and is an excellent place for both living and working due to companies like Raytheon and Traxxas providing job opportunities.

Moving on to Frisco, this city boasts a more refined atmosphere with an array of upscale establishments and entertainment options. As a sports fan’s dream, Frisco is the backdrop to teams like FC Dallas and the Texas Legends. It’s not just the sports that are winning here; the local schools are top-notch as well.

Then there’s Prosper, which embodies a tight-knit community atmosphere and is experiencing rapid residential growth. With retail development catching up, the convenience for residents is on the rise. Known for safety and excellent schools, Prosper is also a reasonable commute to downtown Dallas.

About 50 miles north is Celina. Despite active development, it’s managed to preserve a somewhat rural charm. A vibrant downtown and community events like Cajun Fest add to its appeal. Light Farms, a unique community within Celina, emphasizes neighborly connections with its inclusive amenities.

Lastly, Melissa is marked by a sense of strong community and standout school performance, drawing families for its competitive youth sports. It offers a more country-esque lifestyle, which is attractive to those moving from out-of-state. Affordability is key here, as your dollar stretches further in Melissa than in many other suburbs closer to the city.

I’m dedicated to bringing you the latest on what makes living north of Dallas truly special. Whether it’s educational opportunities, local employment, or the sense of community, these five suburbs exemplify the best of Texan living just a stone’s throw from the city.