When I started in real estate over sixteen years ago, my very first commission check was for $512.50. I think I worked day and night for two months to get the deal closed, but I was excited to have my first real estate deal, and for the family that I was able to help get into their home so they could raise their kids there.

The property was a $20,500 mobile home on some land in the desert of New Mexico. My mentor and broker, Jo Carnes was gracious enough to allow me to represent her buyers and find them a perfect spot for their family.

My husband had just commissioned into the Air Force and our first duty station was at Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico. It was a really neat base where they flew F-117 stealth fighter jets. I had just graduated college and I wasn’t sure how I wanted to start my professional career. Through a mutual friend I was introduced to Jo. She owned an independent brokerage and was looking for an administrative assistant. We got along really well so I started working for Jo.

Within a few weeks she asked me if I had ever thought about becoming a Realtor. To me it sounded like fun and I thought I’d be pretty good at it…but I had never even bought a house before! Jo laughed and told me she’d teach me everything I would ever need to know. Jo gave me a chance and was even generous enough to pay for my real estate classes and licensing.

If Jo hadn’t given me a shot or just assumed all I aspired to do was help her with administrative tasks, I may never have gotten my start in real estate.

Do you have someone in your life who gave you a shot and took a chance on you, like Jo took a chance on me? Or maybe someone that suggested something you had never thought of? Who is the Jo in your life? More importantly, whose Jo are you going to be? You never know how your influence and encouragement could make a world of difference!

~Leslie Remy, Broker
Astra Realty
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